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Resin Glitter Kit - Candle - Soap - Resin Decor

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Accessories kit for decorating your resin, candle, or soap projects! Resin Accessories Kit includes: 12 medium glitters 12 fine glitters 5 bags charm glitters 12 sequin glitters 12 Mica powders 2 boxes seashells 1 box cogs and wheels 12 dried flowers 8 packs foil flakes 4 packs Mylar flakes 4 bags cellophane flakes 1 rainbow beads box with 3 sizes 1 small bead box 1 pair tweezers 20 wooden sticks 30 spoons 6 plastic droppers 1 bag key chain screw in eye hooks ( gold and silver) 1 3 tier container carry case


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